Politics: giving animals a stake in the British general election

Following news Theresa May plans a free vote on fox hunting, Animal Welfare Party announces Professor Andrew Knight as our Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Maidenhead (Theresa May's constituency). Said Professor Knight today "Theresa May states the acceptability of fox hunting is simply a matter of opinion, and she favours it. She appears completely ignorant of the overwhelming evidence from animal welfare science that fox hunting is egregiously cruel to hunted foxes, and to any wild animals unlikely enough to be discovered and attacked by the hounds. As with Brexit, her policy on this matter appears short on detail, and shockingly ignorant. It is also arrogant – apparently, her opinions matter, but those of the 84 per cent of the British public who want fox hunting to remain illegal, do not. This is why AWP is standing against Theresa May in Maidenhead - our lawmakers should always produce policy and legislation which is evidence-based, ethical, and reflects public wishes." - www.animalwelfareparty.org