Article: Jack the Ripper unmasked

The identity of Jack the Ripper remains one of the greatest unsolved crime mysteries in history. Jack was notorious both for the brutality of his murders and also for his habit of stealing organs from his victims. His speed and skill in doing so, in conditions of poor light and haste, fueled theories he was a surgeon. However, re-examination of a mortuary sketch from one of his victims has revealed several key aspects that strongly suggest he had no professional surgical training. Instead, the technique used was more consistent with that of a slaughterhouse worker… In fact, an intriguing array of evidence indicates a very high likelihood that Jack honed the physical skills, psychological and behavioural attributes employed on his victims to such devastating effect, during his employment as a slaughterhouse worker. Don’t miss our detailed article on this, just published at The implications for modern animal slaughtering, and our social reliance on slaughterhouses, are explored.

Or, for a video presentation, see: (38:40 onwards).