World Day for Animals in Laboratories rally, Birmingham

Despite very cold weather, the World Day for Animals in Laboratories rally in Birmingham yesterday was a great success. My speech there is on youtube. The sound wasn't the best but at least the organisers managed to stop the rain just in time! All the scientific studies I mention are at, and short, easy summaries are here. Information about my book on animal experiments is here. Please consider asking your library to stock a copy so that students and others will have easy access to it. Thank you! You can book my colleagues or I for other talks at

Another undercover expose of a British pig farm

Following their undercover expose of a typical ‘Quality Assured’ (Red Tractor label) pig farm in Norfolk, England, in February, Animal Equality has done just it again! The latest harrowing video footage (summarised here) gained by their investigator at East Anglian Pig Company (EAP) clearly demonstrated that the disgusting conditions and wanton cruelty previously exposed were far from isolated incidents. In fact, EAP is the third largest pork producer in the UK, and supplies leading supermarkets such as Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, The Cooperative Food, Waitrose and ASDA, and a host of major food brands. They are accredited by the RSPCA’s Freedom Food and the Red Tractor quality assurance schemes, and a company spokesperson also stated they comply with the relevant Pig Veterinary Society policies and guidelines.

Fortunately, however, this investigation featured in The Sunday Mirror (and follow-up story), BBC News online and BBC’s Look East television program. As I concluded in the BBC News report and elsewhere, "No reasonable person could fail to be appalled and disgusted by the cruel and callous treatment frequently endured by these highly-intelligent, sensitive animals. The public would be shocked if it knew the truth about the conditions in which these pigs were raised." My detailed statement about the treatment and conditions endured by these pigs is here. The full details of the investigation are here.

Article: in search of the golem

In Oct. 2011 I attended the 2nd Annual European Conference for Critical Animal Studies, and of course, whilst visiting this delightful medieval city, I took the opportunity to search for the fabled Golem of Prague. Read my story just published in Vet Practice!

Endorsement by Prof Peter Singer

Internationally-renowned philosopher and animal ethicist Prof Peter Singer has just reviewed my book, The Costs and Benefits of Animal Experiments, which, he says, “takes the debate about the utility of research on animals to a new level of scientific investigation.” Read his review and those of the 2003 Nobel Laureate in Literature, Dr. JM Coetzee, as well as internationally-renowned primatologist Dame Jane Goodall, and many other experts, here.