Book review: J Anim Ethics

Colorado State University Distinguished Professor of Philosophy Bernard Rollin has kindly taken the time to review my book The Costs and Benefits of Animal Experiments in detail in the latest J Anim Ethics. The book was recently released by Palgrave Macmillan in paperback.

Undercover expose of dog meat trade

Congratulations to Animal Equality for publicising the shocking cruelty of the dog meat trade in China, on Sky News and the Metro (UK), several international media outlets, and online.

Article: Australian drop bears

A proof-of-concept study has recently demonstrated the potential of Global Navigation Satellite System technology in tracking the prey of the Australian drop bear Thylarctos plummetus, and, by extrapolation, the bears themselves. The authors and cash-starved graduate students who risked life and limb in testing this novel concept are to be commended for their ground-breaking contribution to the field of cryptozoology. These results raise hope for future advances in the understanding of the ecology of other rare and elusive creatures, such as the Australian bunyip, hoop snake, and British drop badger. May they all speedily recover from their upper body lacerations.

Adventure: a narrow escape in the mountains

My near-death experiences during the 2012 Vegan Welsh 3000s in Snowdonia have just been published in The Vegan! Don’t miss the photos either!