Editorial: animal experimentation

Recently in www.TheConversation.com Prof Gavin McNally of the University of New South Wales championed animal experimentation. My response has just been published. I discuss evidence of the poor social utility of animal experiments revealed by systematic reviews, as well as the shortcomings of Australia's regulatory system, and of animal ethics committees. See here for other debates.

Article: Murdoch vet school animal shelter program

In 2000 one other vet student and I refused to participate in terminal surgical training labs at Western Australia's Murdoch University vet school. Instead we established a humane surgical training program. Part of that involved neutering homeless animals from shelters, to increase their adoption prospects and decrease pet overpopulation. Our program was enormously successful – we gained 5x the surgical and anaesthetic experience of our classmates. Murdoch has since progressively implemented our animal shelter sterilisation program, and has now reached the stage described in this article! This is a highly successful and program which is extremely beneficial for both students and animals. Well done Murdoch!