Adventure: in search of the basilisk

The pics from my recent adventures in Vienna are now online for anyone interested. The best part was searching the catacombs beneath the city for the fabled basilisk! We didn't find him/her unfortunately, but still managed to find skeletons, the pickled organs of dead dukes, and thousands of plague victims! Wonderful Happy

New video and discounted paperback launched!

The long-awaited, more affordable paperback version of my book The Costs and Benefits of Animal Experiments has just been released, along with my new youtube video about animal experiments and the book. And to help celebrate the festive season the lovely Palgrave Macmillan christmas elves are offering an additional 20% discount (also for the hardback)! This offer is valid until 01 Mar by entering the code WCOST2013a at Palgrave’s European website checkout. If you’re elsewhere and having trouble accessing the discount let me know and I’ll try to help. Merry christmas everyone Happy

More journal letters: badger killing

“[We] don't know about our "veterinary leaders", but the oath we took on qualifying was that it would be “my constant endeavour to ensure the welfare of animals under my care”. We remember no oath of allegiance to the Government of the day, trade in animal products or money. We wonder whether it is time the veterinary profession split into those who genuinely care for the health and welfare of animals, and those for whom butchery and massacre are the tools of first resort.” - McGill et al., Vet Times Nov. 19.

The debate around badger killing continues to rage within the British veterinary press. Government plans to shoot badgers - which harbour tuberculosis - to attempt to reduce its incidence within British cattle herds, were recently supported in the Veterinary Times by the Presidents of the British Veterinary Association and the British Cattle Veterinary Association.

However, six of us have now published three opposing letters in veterinary journals, and nine of us provided a succinct summary of the key welfare problems in a letter to the government. And we also have a Facebook page for veterinary professionals opposed to the badger cull.