Psychology Today article on animal experiments

On 25. Feb. Professor Emeritus Marc Bekoff published a wonderful article in Psychology Today, questioning contemporary reliance on animal models within biomedical research, and especially, chimpanzees. He was also kind enough to say some extremely nice things about my recent book on animal experimentation.

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Article on animal ethics now available online

In 2011, animal ethicist Dr Judith Benz-Schwarzburg and I published an article ‘Cognitive relatives yet moral strangers?’ in the Journal of Animal Ethics, which described recent scientific findings about animal languages, cultures and theories of mind. This article, which significantly updated the case for the moral consideration of other animals, was shortlisted for a Voiceless Media Prize. It has just been added to the HABRI Central bibliographic repository, from where it may be freely downloaded.

Article: Vegan 15 Peaks Challenge

After a year and a half, I’ve finally received the story of our amazing Vegan 15 Peaks Challenge, published in Australia’s Natural Health and Vegetarian Life in 2010. It was a hell of an adventure...

Pigs brutally stabbed with swords on Spanish pig farm to supply leading UK Supermarket Morrisons

Animal Equality has just released has just released a shocking video taken at a Spanish pig farm used to supply leading UK Supermarket Morrisons. I was asked to comment on the video and accompanying photographs prior to its release. My short report is available here. In summary,

“The treatment of these pigs was the most egregious abuse of individual farm animals that I have ever observed. The workers clearly appeared to delight in some of their actions. The treatment of these pigs was shockingly cruel, and in fact, sadistic. The actions of these workers would violate the ethical standards and animal welfare legislation of any civilised nation, and would normally attract the most serious punishments allowable under the law.

These workers should clearly be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and Morrisons clearly needs to find new suppliers willing to respect and value animal welfare in accordance with the expectations of their customers.

Surgical recovery speeded by vegan cheesecake!

It’s now Day 5 after major surgery on my elbow to repair a fracture sustained whilst extreme cycling (ie, across a London road) nearly two years ago, and I can type, eat, sing and dance... In fact I have almost full range of motion and low pain. This recovery seems almost supernaturally fast, but I don't recall selling my soul to anyone or -thing recently, so I'm crediting my vegan diet. In particular, the vegan cheescakes from Shambhu’s Vegan Caterers. Both the choc chip and lemon and lime cakes seem to have magical healing powers, so I’m eating as many as I can.

The downside is that I'm not allowed to even think of load-bearing for 6 weeks. This could be my last year in Europe so I'm naturally desperate to ski the Vallee Blanche before the snow melts soon and the crevasses open up on the glacier... Although more injuries would also necessitate more cheesecake Happy

Article: the autumn 2011 AWSELVA conference - adventures in the Scottish wilderness!

“SUNLIGHT never penetrated the thick, smoky darkness permeating the bottom of the “close”, as the alley with its canyon-like walls was known. Yet the piercing screams cut through the murk with ease. The plague doctor was once again lancing little Emily’s pus-filled “buboes” with a hot poker. Holding her tightly, her surviving family members sought grim comfort in the knowledge that the procedure would at least give her a 10 per cent to 50 per cent chance of survival. Without emptying her bullae and cauterising her wounds, she had virtually none... It’s amazing the things you can learn at a good veterinary conference these days.”

Read about my adventures at the fascinating autumn 2011 AWSELVA conference deep in the mysterious Scottish wilderness!

Undercover expose of a British pig farm

Animal Equality has just released the results of ground-breaking two month undercover investigation of a typical ‘Quality Assured’ (Red Tractor label) pig farm in Norfolk, England. Their outstanding website provides short summaries of over 200 hours of footage and recorded conversations, and more 300 photos, which provide a shocking insight into the British pig industry. They demonstrate that the most egregious forms of animal abuse remain common on such ‘Quality Assured’, veterinary-inspected farms. I was asked to comment on the video and footage prior to its release. My short report is available here.