Article: dealing with dark desires

'You are called in the middle of the night to see what sounds like a badly injured cat following a road traffic accident. Is it wrong to hope the cat has died by the time it reaches the surgery so you can return to bed more quickly? And does it really matter what you think, if such dark thoughts remain locked inside?’ If such dilemmas pique your interest, you may be interested in my analysis just published in In Practice.

Adventure: ironing at Black Rocks

It had been several weeks since my last extreme ironing expedition (in the Alps) and the itch was starting to build (not to mention that laundry pile). Additionally Phil had spotted several intriguing spires rising from the raging waters of Black Rocks on St Kitts. And so we grabbed our laundry and ironing gear, and headed for a closer look... don't miss this latest adventure from the Kittitian Ironing Club!