Presentation: veg animal diets

Can cats and dogs go vegan or vegetarian? And how can this be done safely? Learn the answers at my presentations at:

Sat 27 Feb, 12:00 & 13:00
Brighton Vegfest

Sat April 30, 3:20
Birmingham Viva! Vegan Festival

Further details of this presentation are here, and my website on this issue is

I’ll also be examining the results of a very recent published study examining the nutritional adequacy of these diets.

Hunting symposium: videos online

In November, in conjunction with Winchester’s Institute for Value Studies we hosted a major symposium on hunting. We considered questions such as, “Is hunting a noble tradition, freeing the landscape from dangerous predators which are given quick, clean deaths? Or is it an outdated blood sport, with no legitimate place in civilised society? Should the government repeal the Hunting Act?” A range of fascinating speakers (including, by video, world leading primatologist Dr Jane Goodall), presented a wealth of expertise about hunting. We’ve now made their videos available online.