Critical acclaim for book on animal experimentation

Authored by Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics Fellow Dr Andrew Knight, The Costs and Benefits of Animal Experiments has received critical acclaim from scientists and philosophers alike...

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Editorial: Animal testing isn't just an ethical problem

My editorial ‘Animal testing isn't just an ethical problem – let's invest in safer methods‘ has just been published in The Guardian online:

"When a dog with a life-threatening uterine infection was recently carried into my veterinary practice, I was confident we could save her. Following a rapid infusion of intravenous fluids and antibiotics, I performed emergency surgery. Partly because of the drugs she was given, "Annie" recovered well. I had the luxury of knowing they had all been tested on other animals of the same species, and were unlikely to inadvertently cause any harm.

Unfortunately, my brother does not have that luxury. He works as a resident in a hospital emergency department, and although the drugs he uses have also been thoroughly tested on animals, this doesn't provide quite the same level of comfort...”

Some of the comments are particularly interesting!