Article: the unjustified euthanasia request

Being able to release animals from profound suffering smoothly and gently is one of the great privileges of veterinary practice. Unfortunately, however, not all euthanasia requests are well justified. Imagine this scenario: a client brings you a friendly, well-socialised two-year-old male neutered cat named ‘Bob’ for ‘euthanasia’. Apparently they're moving to a new flat that does not allow cats. ‘What a shame,’ you declare. ‘I’m sure he would make a wonderful pet for someone else. Have you thought about rehoming him?’ But the client replies, ‘I couldn’t possibly bear to have someone else own him! Please just put him to sleep.’ What should you do? My detailed answer has just been published in In Practice.

Study: ADHD in children

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects around 2.2% of children worldwide. Many thousands of animals have been used in experiments designed to achieve better understanding and treatment of this disease. But have the benefits been worth the animal lives, and the scientific and financial resources consumed? Based on our systematic review of 211 publications describing relevant animal studies, the answer is 'clearly not!' Our systematic review has just been published in ALTEX.