Editorial: What vets really think about canine ‘Prozac’

My editorial ‘What vets really think about canine ‘Prozac’ ‘ has just been published in The Guardian online:

"The chihuahua's teeth snapped shut on empty air that had been occupied by my hand an instant before. Not for the first time that day did I thank my lucky stars for the speed of my reflexes. In my line of work I'm menaced by the very large to the very small on a near daily basis. I've even managed to be bitten twice by the unconscious, which I think deserves some kind of special award. I am, of course, a veterinarian…"

Some of the comments are particularly interesting!

Article: In search of the Wild Haggis

Late last year I attended the brilliant AWSELVA animal welfare and ethics conference hosted by the Jeanne Marchig Centre for Animal Welfare Education, at the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, Edinburgh. The vet school is situated deep in the Scottish wilderness (if the amazing bus ride is anything to go by). Naturally I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to go questing for the fabled Wild Haggis, Haggis scoticus. Read my adventures in Vet Practice! The pictures from this adventure are here.