Adventure: Nevis to St Kitts annual swim

Once again it was time for the annual Nevis to St Kitts swim here in the Caribbean. 2.5 miles/4.1 km across open ocean, with unknown currents, swell and wind. And a 12 foot hammerhead was spotted on the swim 2 yrs ago. What more could anyone ask for in the way of adventure! I hadn't trained at all, had only 4 hrs sleep thanks to 7th semester banquet last night, and legs were already knackered from hours of practicing our surprise Thriller flash mob routine for the banquet. But heck, you only live once. And so I grabbed my snorkelling gear and trusty underwater camera and headed for the southern tip of St Kitts... Enjoy the photos!

Video series: animal experiments

Humane Research Australia has just produced a six part video series in which I critically scrutinize the necessity of invasive animal research, and its purported contributions to human healthcare:

Animal Experiments - a failing science
Efficacy - accessing the utility of animal experiments
Statistics and Regulation
Non-animal Methods of Research - a more humane and scientifically valid option
Humane Education - caring, not killing
Working Together For Change

Article: student conscientious objection to harmful animal use

Classes in which animals are harmed are controversial within veterinary and other life and health sciences courses. Increasingly, students object to the harmful use of animals, and request humane teaching alternatives (including this author, when a veterinary student, more than a decade ago). This new article in Animals reviews the development of 'conscientious objection' policies designed to accommodate such students within some Australian and American veterinary schools, and examines their underlying legal foundations. It concludes with recommendations for other universities considering how to respond to such cases.