Articles: humane education and animal experimentation

In May the journal ALTEX Proceedings published two papers from my presentations at the 8th World Congress on Alternatives & Animal Use in the Life Sciences, Montreal, 2011. One was an overview of the various types of humane teaching methods, with numerous pictures, and of the published educational studies examining their efficacy. The other discussed the human benefits and animal impacts resulting from invasive animal research, the UK Bateson Review of Research Using Non-Human Primates, and suggested policy reforms likely to result in a more accurate weighing of the human benefits and animal costs of invasive animal research.

Debate: animal experiments, in 'North & South' magazine

North and South is a New Zealand magazine with a circulation of over 25,000, and a readership of 289,000. In the May edition Margo White published a very biased article favouring animal experimentation. My response was published in the June edition. Download (6 mb).

Debate: bias during the evaluation of animal studies?

In a recent edition of the journal Animals, veterinarian Dr Susanne Prankel of the University of Worcester reviewed my book The Costs and Benefits of Animal Experiments, essentially accusing me of bias. My detailed rebuttal was published in the same edition. You can access this interesting debate, here.

In search of the yeti Part III

For years I've been searching for the elusive European yeti Gigantopithecus modernis yetii, and have had my suspicions about the remote Vallee Blanche. Skiers regularly disappear without trace here, and the numerous deep crevasses provide ample shelter. Surely if the yetis were out there it would be an ideal place to find them. So when surgery to repair an old arm fracture prevented me from working, I seized the opportunity to go searching a couple of weeks ago. Check out my photos!