Endorsements in Daily Mail and Independent

British journalist and television personality Piers Morgan has endorsed the Animal Welfare Party and myself as the AWP candidate for Kensington and Chelsea, in today’s British general election. He doesn’t pull his punches when describing the other political alternatives in The Independent and the Daily Mail Online. e.g., “I groan at the sight of Cameron pulling up his sleeves and start shouting to try and prove he has passion when it’s clear he has about as much genuine passion in him as a neutered Aardvaak.” However, a vote for AWP “will almost certainly mean more animal lives get saved and improved. So my vote will actually mean something, and make a genuine difference. Can any of us, hand on heart, after THIS dreary, tedious, lame and tortured election campaign, say the same thing about a vote for any of the main parties?”

Exactly Piers - that's why we're here - to make a positive difference in the lives of the animals and people we share our world with, whom have been so badly let down by the mainstream political parties. Thank you Piers!

Article: What our politicians really think about animal welfare

Some fascinating, and, on occasion, horrifying, truths were revealed about the positions of the main UK political parties with respect to animal welfare, at an Associate Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare 'Question Time' for political parties on 17th March at Westminster Palace. Veterinarian Ian McGill and I were fortunate enough to be in attendance. Read our Vet Practice summary of the event here.