Interview: various animal ethics topics

My discussion of various animal ethics topics has just been published in an ARZone podcast. The topics are my August humane education lecture tour in Peru, the British government's plan to cull badgers to try to decrease bovine tuberculosis, the Vegan Welsh 3000s ultramarathon in August, Fiona Oakes and other vegan athletes, vegetarian companion animals, several basic veterinary healthcare questions, and my book, The Costs and Benefits of Animal Experiments. The follows my previous (similarly rambling) podcast.

Articles: various animal ethics topics

The following new articles have just been added: the Spanish translation of my detailed ALTEX 2007 review examining the efficacy of humane teaching methods in veterinary and other biomedical education; an article explaining the concept of using systematic reviews to examine the efficacy of invasive animal studies, published in the Forum of the UK Lab Animal Science Assoc in 2012; a Japanese translation of an article by Jasmijn de Boo and I on the increasing the implementation of alternatives to laboratory animal use, published in the JSAAE Newsletter 2012; and a Spanish translation of a J Vet Med Educ 2005 article by Jasmijn de Boo and I on the animal welfare standards of veterinarians.

Articles: orthopaedic adventures, the search for the yeti

The Veterinary Times has just published the story of my interesting surgical adventures in a London hospital earlier this year, following an extreme cycling adventure trying to cross a London street. And Veterinary Practice has just published the story of my ongoing (and far less dangerous) search for the elusive European yeti, in the brief window between my recovery from surgery, and the time when my company discovered I was able to stand upright again, and immediately summoned me back to work. Both of these stories may be downloaded here (scroll down), along with some interesting photos Happy