Animal welfare standards of vets - H1, Trebuchet MS 50 pt, col #ce9550

Advancing animal welfare standards within the veterinary profession - H2, Helvetica 35 pt, col #ce9550

With Italian translation – H3, Times NR 25 pt, col #ce9550

Abstract – H4, Trebuchet MS 25 pt

Historically, expenditure on animals and attitudes toward animal welfare have improved, with increasing social affluence. However, recent events suggest veterinary attitudes may be lagging behind those of the general public. …

Solutions could include consideration of animal welfare awareness and critical reasoning ability during the selection of veterinary students, bioethics and critical reasoning training during veterinary education, continuing education credits for veterinarians who participate in such postgraduate training, the replacement of remaining harmful animal use in veterinary curricula with humane alternatives, and the encouragement of more active involvement of veterinarians in their professional associations. – paragraph, Helvetica 20 pt

Knight A (2008). Advancing animal welfare standards within the veterinary profession. REDVET, 9(10B). – H5, Times NR 15 pt